7 Beauty Tips for Natural Glowing Looking Skin

November 16 2021 – LéBee Beauty

7 Beauty Tips for Natural Glowing Looking Skin

7 Beauty Tips for Natural Glowing Looking Skin

From books to Internet Blogs, to news and magazine articles; there are an abundance of beauty tips and inspiring beauty regiments to help you achieve your goals. We all crave that natural glowing beauty that spans across decades. As looking and feeling younger is not just a wish for some but an obsession for others. Nonetheless, you don’t need a 20-step regiment to give your skin that glow and youth you desire – knowing these important tips below can help!


Treating your face to something special:

Simply washing your face twice a day can wash away dirt, help prevent breakouts, and keep pours cleaner. Washing your face twice daily can lift those impurities and give you a cleaner and refreshing feeling. You can use a gentle moisturizing soap or your favorite face wash.



Out with the Old:

From the Latin root “exfoilare” (meaning to strip of leaves; off); Exfoliation is just what your face may need to hold its youthful appearance, lifting away that dead skin and helping your skin restore its purities. Although you can achieve great results by visiting a Spa for that monthly chemical peel or facial; a DIY (at-home) regiment will also give you beneficial results.

Using a mechanical tool such as a power brush to help deep clean your skin and remove that unwanted dead skin is one method of exfoliating. Keep in mind, to prevent skin damage, treat your skin with care. Whether you have sensitive skin, normal to dry, or a combination of normal to oily skin, when exfoliating for the first time, it is recommended that you be gentle with your skin to prevent excessive stinging and burning. For darker skin tones, watch for dark spots after exfoliating for the first time or if you notice darker spots after bug bites have healed – you may not want to use an aggressive scrubbing tool or be a good candidate for a chemical peel.

Bottom line – take great care of your skin and be gentle when exfoliating but getting rid of the dead skin cells is an important step to younger looking skin.



Hydration is Key:

Drinking plenty of water is a simple step that most don’t consider to be as important as washing your face daily. However, not only is drinking plenty of water great for your body, but it is also an excellent source to maintaining healthy skin. Water hydrates the body, inside and out!



Rest is King:

They don’t call it “Beauty Sleep” for nothing! Getting a restful night’s sleep is so important to maintaining good health. From renewing your energy level to glowing skin, beauty sleep is your greatest weapon to preserving that youthful glow.



Dance those fingers across your Face:

Massaging your face / skin is a great tip that most of us miss. While sitting at your desk, in the middle of a workday, you can massage your cheeks, forehead, temples, and all over your face to promote oxygen and blood flow in the skin. Simply massaging your skin can help increase collagen production, reduce puffiness, and prevent wrinkles from forming.



Nourishing Your Skin with Goodness:

Moisturizing benefits your skin inside and out. Moisturizers keeps your skin soft, youthful, fights wrinkles, and reduce blemishes. You want healthy looking skin and fright the signs of aging? Then, moisturizing could be just what the skin ordered.

Apply in upward strokes

Soothe that Sensitive Skin

Best time to Moisturize is after showering or washing your face – but apply directly after towel drying your skin for maximum benefits.



Antioxidants? Who Knew!

Fighting free radical production is what antioxidants do. Antioxidants protect the skin and help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation of the skin. Antioxidants are found in Vitamin C, Blueberries, Red Cabbage, Pecans, and Lemons, just to name a few.

Free Radicals: “…are molecules produced when your body breaks down food or exposed to tobacco smoke or radiation from sun-X-rays”


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