Fearless Beauty: It Starts with Beauty Rest

December 13 2020 – LéBee Beauty

Fearless Beauty: It Starts with Beauty Rest

Fearless Beauty: It Starts with Beauty Rest

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Simply put, what we perceive as beautiful is based on the stories we tell ourselves and on our subjective experiences, which are colored by our culture. But no matter the culture, beauty has been regarded as a mysterious, seductive force in our psyche – revealing its power through stories, persona, and social status.

Most of us do not know the power of our beauty or can recognize the beauty that lies within. When we understand our receptivity to beauty, we must first recognize the power of first impression. The first impression stays in our memory and influences the way we see and treat others. So, lets always keep that first impression appearance without a lot of work.

It’s called Beauty Rest!

When we think of first impressions, we think of impressing others, but this works just the same with impressing ourselves. Waking up each morning feeling vibrant, youthful, and energic has a profound affect on your attitude and daily appearance. When your body has obtained the rest it needs, you’ll see the difference in your face, eyes, skin, and how motivated you are to meet the challenges of the day.

Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, most sleep experts suggest adults need about 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day. It is recommended that you achieve at least seven relaxing hours of sleep to develop or maintain healthy skin and daily performance. While it is best to stick to a regular sleep routine, listen to your body and take that extra hour of sleep if you need to. Sometimes, it is challenging to get the rest we need, but consider revising your schedule to ensure you get the right amount of beauty rest.

Did you know:

Sleep also helps your muscles inside, helps blood flow, promotes healthier hair, and brain function – and of course, makes you look fabulous!


“Sleep is actually necessary for the proper protein synthesis in the hair, and it also influences hormones that also influence hair growth and appearance,” Dr. Bowe.

Beauty Sleep: How Sleep Affects Your Skin


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – so let’s see your beauty shine through your radiant skin, bright eyes, and tantalizing smile. Doesn’t really matter what others see because you know your worth and you see beauty every time you look in the mirror. So, what others see…is just a bonus!


“You are unapologetic, attractive in your own right, and appreciate your unique difference!”

Your unique beauty is a dynamic force and a powerful tool for promoting love and determining your quality of life; so, let’s overwhelm your mind & body with plenty of rest to preserve your beauty from the inside out!


Be inspired to move forward, fearlessly!

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